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Zoom Whitening

zoom whiteningZoom whitening is one of the most effective teeth whiteners available today. It uses a powerful hydrogen peroxide gel that is activated by an ultraviolet light. The peroxide penetrates the dental enamel and scrubs stains away for a whiter, more attractive look. Because it is performed in our office by our Huntington Beach Zoom whitening expert, it is considered among the safest dental procedures.

Your gums, lips, and other soft tissues are prepared to protect them from the solution and the light. A layer of whitening gel is painted directly onto the teeth, and our expert in Zoom whitening in Huntington Beach will use the special light to activate it. The whitening solution is allowed to work for 15 minutes and is then removed from your teeth. A fresh layer of whitening solution will be painted on next, and this process is repeated several times over the course of an hour.

Zoom Whitening Huntington Beach

Most patients can achieve significant whitening through a single Zoom whitening treatment. Some patients can achieve results up to eight shades lighter. Our Huntington Beach Zoom whitening expert will use before and after images so that you can see the full results and compare them. The lightest color that we can achieve is usually your natural tooth color. This can vary from person to person. You will not end up with unnatural-looking results since Zoom is designed to remove accumulated stains rather than change their natural color.

After your teeth whitening procedure, our expert in Zoom whitening in Huntington Beach will provide you with aftercare instructions. You may need to avoid wine, coffee, and other staining beverages for a few days as your teeth may be more prone to absorbing new stains. Touch-up kits are available and should be used as directed to keep your teeth bright. Good dental hygiene can also keep you from developing new stains.

Zoom whitening is an excellent teeth whitening option but may not be appropriate for everyone. Women who are pregnant or lactating may need to wait until they give birth or wean, and those who have visible restorations may need to consider alternatives. Contact our office today to learn more or to schedule your Zoom consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Huntington Beach.