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Same Day Crowns Orange County

Same Day Crowns Orange CountyToday’s technology allows us to transform your smile in just a single visit. No longer do you have to wait several weeks, as well as have to schedule several dental visits to have a crown placed. Instead, you can visit our office with a damaged tooth and leave with a beautiful new smile all in about an hour. Our Orange County same day crowns expert offers same day crowns for faster, more effective results.

Crowns are a special type of restoration that can be used when a tooth is badly damaged, but is still salvageable and would not otherwise need to be extracted. The crown covers the part of the tooth that is above the gum line. This part of the tooth can become damaged through a dental accident, severe tooth decay or other problems. Our expert in same day crowns in Orange County uses crowns to cover and protect these teeth.

Orange County Same Day Crowns

Previously, the tooth would be prepared in one visit and the crown placed at another visit. Same day crowns eliminate that waiting period. If you are a candidate for same day crowns, our Orange County same day crowns expert will first numb and prepare the tooth as usual. Then we will take a digital impression of your teeth, which is sent to our computer. A special program creates a 3D image of the tooth, and we use this image to design a new crown.

Our expert in same day crowns in Orange County designs your new crown to look identical to your natural tooth. We follow its contours, match the color precisely and create a crown that blends seamlessly into your smile. These plans are then sent to the milling unit. The milling unit creates your new crown out of a single block of porcelain for an extremely strong, durable crown. As soon as it is ready, the crown can be bonded to your prepared tooth.

The benefits of same day crowns are extensive. They can save time and money by cutting down on the number of dental visits you will need. They can also be more comfortable since you only need one shot of anesthetic before the procedure. If you have a tooth in need of a crown, then you may be a candidate for same day crowns. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our Orange County dentist.