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Jaw Pain

jaw painThe jawbone has a big job. It anchors teeth into position, its joint slides and hinges so that you can talk and eat, and it adds structure and shape to your face. Due to the complexity of the joint, any damage or disease in the area can cause significant pain or disability. Our Huntington Beach jaw pain treatment expert can help.

The joint of the jaw, or the TMJ, comprises not only the bones but also muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues that move the jaw. Overuse, arthritis, and other problems can lead to damage on one or both sides. You may notice that your jaw hurts when you chew or that you have a popping, clicking, or similarly uncomfortable sensation. Our expert in treatment of jaw pain in Huntington Beach will evaluate your jaw to determine the source of the problem. Finding the cause of your pain will help us find the best treatments for your needs.

Jaw Pain Huntington Beach

If you are diagnosed with TMJ disorder, your treatment may include conservative lifestyle changes. These are often designed to take some of the strain off the joint to allow it to heal. Medications and compresses can be used to ease pain and inflammation. In some cases, our Huntington Beach jaw pain treatment expert may recommend orthodontic treatment or treatments for bruxism. This is more likely if there is an underlying issue, such as a maloccluded bite or teeth grinding. Surgery is rarely necessary, but some patients with structural abnormalities or severe damage may need to undergo surgical correction of the problem.

Although many cases of jaw pain are associated with TMJ disorders, TMJ disorders are not the only cause of jaw pain. It can also be associated with severe tooth decay, abscessed teeth, and gum disease. These conditions can all cause serious problems with your dental health and should be treated as soon as possible to reduce the risk of further damage. Our expert in treatment of jaw pain in Huntington Beach may recommend root canal treatments, deep cleaning, or other procedures to get the infection or decay under control and alleviate your discomfort.

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