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Dental Bridges

Dental BridgesLosing a tooth can leave an unsightly gap in your smile. You may find yourself hiding your smile or trying to talk without revealing that gap. Unfortunately, that gap can affect not only your self-confidence but also your dental health. Our Orange County dental bridges expert may recommend a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are a restoration for lost or missing teeth. They consist of an artificial tooth attached to and suspended between two dental crowns. Bridges are generally made of porcelain to look completely natural, and they are usually supported by abutment teeth or implants on both sides of the gap. Our expert in dental bridges in Orange County can usually place a bridge in two to three dental visits. The teeth are first prepared for the crowns that will support the bridge, an impression will be made and the bridge will be designed. Once it has been created, it will be bonded to the teeth.

Dental Bridges Orange County

Our Orange County dental bridges expert can quickly and effectively replace your lost teeth using dental bridges. Bridges are affordable alternatives to other types of restorations, and they can last for many years. Bridges look natural and help keep your teeth properly spaced. They reduce the risk of teeth shifting and tilting, which can happen as a result of the bone changes that occur after the loss of teeth.

Taking care of your bridge is not much different than taking care of any other restoration. After your bridge is installed, you need to practice good dental hygiene. Brush with fluoride toothpaste and a soft brush two times a day. Floss daily using floss threading tools or an interdental cleaner to clean above and around the bridge. Avoid grinding your teeth, biting your nails or chewing on nonfood items. Visit our expert in dental bridges in Orange County at least twice a year for cleanings and exams.

A dental bridge can be a great choice for replacing a lost tooth. Call us today to schedule your bridge consultation with our dentist in Orange County.